Postpartum Doula services are $50 an hour.


As examples of the varying forms of postpartum support available,

the packages listed below combine what I believe are the most important elements of care for the new family at a discounted rate. 


If these packages aren't a perfect fit, I can design one specifically suited to your needs -

just call or email and let me know what you're looking for!


Washington DC Postpartum Doula and Breastfeeding Support


Learning to Breastfeed: $400

Side-by-side and virtual support help you navigate the most intense period of breastfeeding, during the first two weeks of your new baby's life. As you are learning, I will provide:

  • A prenatal visit in your home to teach you the fundamentals of breastfeeding and help you prepare for the early weeks,
  • A visit at home or hospital within the first 48 hours after birth to assess breastfeeding initiation,
  • An additional home visit to assess the mother's comfort and milk production, baby's comfort and position, and answer questions and concerns, and
  • Continuous support via phone, FaceTime and text during baby's first two weeks. 


Back to Work: $250

This package includes a planning session in your home before your return to work, a home visit after your return to work to debrief, and continuous virtual support via phone, FaceTime, and text during your first two weeks back at work. I will help you:

  • Understand the fundamentals of milk production and supply,
  • Plan a new pumping and feeding schedule,
  • Think through the logistics of pumping at work,
  • Discuss pumping essentials and efficiency,
  • Learn safe milk storage and transportation,
  • Transition baby to a bottle,
  • Incorporate best bottle-feeding practices, and
  • Process the emotions of going back to work and discuss new bonding activities for you and your baby.


Breastfeeding Counseling: $150

For a mother-baby dyad struggling with breastfeeding, I provide hands-on support to make adjustments to technique and other suggestions to support your breastfeeding journey. This includes:

  • An intake visit in your home to listen to your concerns; weigh baby; assess latch, positioning, comfort, milk production and comfort; and make suggestions on logistics, sleep and scheduling, 
  • A follow-up visit in your home to reweigh baby, check on improvement, make additional adjustments or referrals as needed, and answer questions and concerns,
  • Continuous support via phone, FaceTime and text during baby's first two weeks. 



Registry Support



It can be overwhelming to sort through the many choices when making purchases for a new baby or filling up a registry, especially since you've never had a baby! As someone who is very familiar with the current products on the market and uses them often with lots of different babies, I can advise you on the must-haves and the money-wasters. I will meet you at your home to see your space and hear what you are looking for, and then help you make decisions on what you really need, throughout your prenatal planning. This service is $75.





For the Bringing Home Baby package, and the Learning to Breastfeed package, it is more helpful to you if we have time to meet before your baby has arrived, but we can start after the birth as well. I love to know as soon as possible when your baby is born so that I can come see you in the first 24 hours ideally, and definitely within 48 hours. I do home visits in the mornings, evenings or weekends. You can text, call or email me at the contacts below at any time before or after the birth to discuss your interests and needs! 




 Bringing Home Baby: $725

This is the basic package of postpartum support, designed to support the new family as they bond, adjust, and grow in confidence during the most important first few weeks.

This package includes:

  • A prenatal visit in your home to discuss your expectations for the birth and postpartum period and plan for your early days of rest and recovery,
  • A visit at home or hospital within the first 48 hours after birth to hear your birth story, answer any questions about early newborn care, check in on the mother's comfort and assess breastfeeding initiation,
  • Four three-hour home visits during the first few weeks,
  • If the mother is nursing, side-by-side support during the initiation of breastfeeding,
  • Answering questions about newborn care and postpartum recovery, and providing resources for professional assistance or further information to reduce new parents’ anxiety,
  • Helping the new parents develop confidence in caring for their baby by demonstrating soothing strategies, baby wearing, and infant feeding practices,
  • Nurturing the mother by providing information on good nutrition, preparing healthy snacks, providing time to shower or nap, asking about her physical recovery, listening to her concerns, and reinforcing her mothering instincts,
  • Caring for the baby while parents sleep, run errands or care for other children,
  • Practical support to reduce household stress through setting goals and thinking through logistics for the day, planning or preparing meals, organizing in the nursery, setting up baby gear, and helping with mother and baby’s laundry,
  • Virtual support through phone, text, Skype or FaceTime to answer questions and concerns between visits.


Add-on Weeks During the Fourth Trimester: $275

After the initial two weeks, you may choose to add additional weeks as needed. Typically families need less support as both the baby and their confidence grow, and by the end of the fourth trimester, they are ready to run on their own!

  • Each additional week includes two 3-hour home visits and continuous virtual support through phone, text, Skype or FaceTime to answer questions and concerns between visits.


Doula for a Day: $200

For the new family who finds themselves overwhelmed and needs an injection of support, this package provides immediate assistance with the essentials of baby care and household organization. This includes:

  • Five hours of continuous support to the new mother, her partner and the baby,
  • Gaining a quick grasp on what is needed by each member of the family and making a plan to support them,
  • Assistance with various tasks needed to help them 'catch up', including: trouble-shooting infant feeding issues or fussiness, attending to the mother's comfort, planning or preparing nutritious food, providing referrals and information for concerns, caring for baby while parents nap, prioritizing tasks to support household functioning, baby laundry, and/or nursery organization. 


Partner Support: $275

Doulas are here to support the whole family! Sometimes partners appreciate help finding their own strengths and feeling more confident in their role with the baby. Some couples also find it helpful to have an objective third party available to answer questions. Many families use this package to support a new father as he begins paternity leave as the primary caretaker. This package includes:


  • A home visit with both partners present to make a plan for what the first week of leave will look like, and to understand the needs of both partners and how I can support your goals,
  • Two home visits of two hours each, to lend an extra set of hands and answer questions on all aspects of baby care, including: bottle feeding basics, napping, babywearing, how to use gear, soothing skills, preparing to go out with the baby, planning for your day and little things you can do at home to support your partner,
  • Immediate availability via phone or text for any questions, big or small, as they come up, and
  • Debriefing call at the end of the day to talk about what worked and what to tweak for the next day.


Gift Certificates



The gift of the nurturing support of a doula is a thoughtful way for family and friends who cannot be present to provide support in absentia, or for anyone looking to send a gift to someone who already has the requisite baby gear. Often this is a nice alternative baby shower gift, or a gift from the grandparents to the new parents. I am happy to put together a gift certificate specific to your family or friends' situation.